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Our Mission

to build the most reliable best-in-class heat pumps in the world

what we have built

Heat Pumps are a critical piece to the electrification & decarbonization of our build environment. Our air-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps also represent a very efficient form of building conditioning while still allowing easy integration & operation of the buildings terminal devices.

Building water carrying energy is much easier to control & maintain then refrigerant piping in heat recovery systems. Air Handlers, vav boxes, & fan coils don't care what is upstream or connected to the water loop. A water valve just reacts to the flow rate of energy by modulating open or close to maintain the room condition.

However, up until now central heat pump plants have proven difficult to control & not as reliable as a building owner would expect. This is particularly true of air source heat pumps and simultaneous heating/cooling heat pumps.

Solving the reliability issue was the focus of our design, now we have the best in class air source heat pumps for your building today!

All together we offer a new superior way of heat pumping. Come try the Ecogreen way and be pleasantly surprise.

Our focus is:

  • reliability- low ambient temperature operation, high temperature leaving water, & best-in-class heat recovery
  • fully serviceable- from our compressors to our refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger you can work on these components in the field
  • custom solutions- hydronic plants can be incorporated into our design, bringing in as little as a pump up to providing with the entire hydronic plant
  • renewable connectivity- photovoltaic, wind, & solar thermal can be part of our plant operation for reduced electrical consumption from the utility
  • built in the Americas for the Americas- simply put we source our components from the Americas to avoid supply chain issues & over ocean transit. We also do not build to fit a shipping container which limits our efficiency due to size constraints.

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About Us

For over 20yrs Pedro Machain & company have been building chillers in Guadalajara, Mx. His company, Ecochillers, has gained a reputation for high quality & reliably operating chillers. Selling product in Mexico, Latin America, & South America they have also formed a specialty in air cooled chillers with total heat recovery. Equatorial climates are primarily cooling but there is a need for useful heat recovery in many cases, thus the need for chillers with full heat recovery is great.

More recently Ecochillers has recognized the need for an air source heat pump line because of the push to decarbonize/electrify buildings. While very similar in function heat pumps are different than chillers with total heat recovery, so Pedro teamed up with an experienced air source heat pump partner from North America- and the Ecogreen brand of heat pumps was launched.

The Ecogreen team make best-in-class air & water source heat pumps which focused on reliability & serviceability. We also source our components from the Americas (when ever possible), we can offer custom pumping packages, & renewable connectivity. Together we bring this product to the Americas.