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Air-to-Water & Water-to-Water Heat Pumps

Built in the Americas, for the Americas

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Our Products

ECCLA-HP are air-to-water & water-to-water heat pumps utilizing R513a (A1 refrigerant with low GWP). We offer both 2 & 4 pipe air source heat pumps as well as 4 & 6 pipe water source heat pumps. Our outdoor units have quiet axial fans to ensure low noise operation. Semi-hermetic compressors are the standard for full serviceability onsite. Reciprocating & Screw compressors gives this heat pump very high lift capability for high temperature output (as much as 160F) and very low ambient temperature conditions (as low as -5F). Our unique refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger (shell box) allows for easy onsite cleaning. Our fans & compressors are vfd driven for great turndown, best efficiency, & quiet transitioning. We use advanced defrost control logic to minimize the effects of defrost for optimum capacity/efficiency. Our redundancy is unparalleled. And our 4-pipe design tracks the building load while the others merely react to its changes.

Our reciprocating compressor offering ranges from 25ton up to 200tons in 25ton increments. Each of these 25ton circuits are independent heat pumps for maximum redundancy. These modules come with their own controller, yet all modules are incorporated into a single frame with single point power and water connections giving our platform outstanding redundancy in a single heat pump package. Our screw product starts at 60tons and goes up to 360 tons in 60ton increments. The screw sizes are: 60ton, 120ton, 180ton, 240ton, 300ton, & 360ton.

Our water-to-water offering is modular and designed to fit through a 3.0 door. It features nominal 30tons per module in either a single reciprocating compressor or a tandem 15hp scrolls option, and it can be ganged up to 10 modules or 300tons. Our piping section has dual nipple connections so you can arrange the modules in a side-by-side arrangement (2x5 max) or inline (1-10 max).

We offer customizations particularly when it comes to the pumping/hydronic plant. This is very useful when space at a premium or plant design favors more of the plant go with the heat pump.

We can even bring your renewable energy into our heat pumps with our renewable energy connectivity option.

what we have created

our focus is:

  • best reliability
  • fully servicable
  • custom solutions
  • renewable connectivity
  • built in the Americas for the Americas

All together we offer a new superior way of heat pumping. Come try the Ecogreen way and pleasantly surprise.

low GWP class A1
R513a Refrigerant
COPs up to 5
Air Source Heat Pumps
TERs up to 9
Simultaneous 4pipe ASHPs

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We have partnered with TÜV SÜD out of Germany, an internationally recognized test lab. TÜV is also recognized in both the US & Canada.